Soal Tugas kelas Perbankan Semester 3, dosen: bu Uning Musthofiyah S.S., M.Pd

Banker: Good Afternoon, Arjuna speaking

Sinta.   : Good afternoon. This is Sinta. I would like to report a problem that has currently occured.

Banker : Can you tell me what it is about?

Sinta.   : I have checked my internet bank account and found wrong statement of bank. I didn’t order anything from Hardware store, but I was charged with certain amount of money and late fee.

Banker  : I’m sorry to hear that.

Sinta.  : I need you to help me. Since my bank account is left with only few dollars, I need to get my money back. What should I do?

Banker: I will help you to solve this issue but it will be prefferable to discuss this matter while you are here.

Sinta.   : I’m gonna visit the nearby bank as soon as possible

Banker: Good! Have a great day!

Answer the following questions based on the dialogue

1. What is the topic of discussion?
2. Does the banker help customer solve her issue by telephone line? Give reasonings!
3. How was customer scammed by the fraudster?
4. Can you describe an amount of money left in the bank account after being scammed?
5. If you can rate the quality of customer service from this bank, how much do you give rating, from 1 to 5, and provide reasons.